Do I have a Smart Meter already installed?
    A Smart Meter is easily recognized by its numerical display; 
there are no round dials typical of an analog meter.    
      The growing movement to stop the installation of Smart Meters is futile.  Too much money has already been invested in the Smart Meter infrastructure to let public health concerns matter.  So even if you don't have a Smart Meter installed now, you will, in the near future. 
      Some power providers offer opt-out plans.  For a monthly fee you could retain your old analog meter.

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Meter without the Shield 
Meter with the Shield installed  
Panel attached to the back of framed painting.
Cover the panel with your favorite painting, mirror or poster.
Place the panel or shielding material where the Smart Meter or other radiation emitting device is located on the other side of the wall.
 Panel Installation
​         Smart Meters are being forced on ratepayers to enable electricity providers to implement so called 
"Time-of-Use" pricing.  Utilities will charge customers higher rates during peak energy demand what possibly will persuade ratepayers to limit their energy usage during that time.  This behavioral modification would eliminate the need to build more power generating plants.
Where is the radiation coming from?
      A Smart Meter's digital transmitter generates EMF Radio Frequency radiation when it communicates with other meters or when reporting energy usage to your power company.
      According to industry testimony, these meters can produce over 6,000 short radiation pulses every minute. These pulses of radiation disrupt the functioning of our nervous system. Those pulses are strong enough to impair our immune system what could have devastating effects on our mental and physical health.
How the SmartMeter Shield limits radiation I am exposed to?
    Our Shield reduces the amount of EMF Radio Frequency radiation that living organisms are exposed to by more than 99.95%. Your exposure is at least 1,000 times lower than it would be without the shield. 
  The shield limits the excessive radiation while allowing the meter to continue functioning effectively. 
              How is it possible that utilities are still able to read the meter? 
    The Smart Meter's power supply is grossly over sized. This over sizing (having more power than necessary) is by design to accommodate the transmission of signals between each Smart Meter and the utility's receivers in rural areas where distances are much larger than in metro and suburban areas. 
    Meters in more densely populated areas, where most of us live, do not need such strong transmission/radiation features to sustain communication.  
    Our Shield limits the unnecessary strength of the "one size fits all" transmitter and still allows the smart meter to communicate with the utilities network.
   In layman terms, you can compare your Smart Meter to the cell phone tower. By shielding it, we limit meter's transmission power. The power company receives a signal of 1 bar strength instead of 4 bars strength. 
   Please see Radiation Limits and Meter Basics if you have further interest in this subject.  
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        According to hundreds of studies, EMF radiation is a major culprit in a wide variety of health issues ranging from depression, dementia and chronic fatigue syndrome to cancer, miscarriages and low sperm count. 
    The Edison Research Institute, (founded by the electrical industry), admits that radiation generated by Smart Meters can exceed the radiation emitted by cell phones by more than 160 times. We have to remember that we use our cell phones sparingly but we could be exposed to Smart Meter's emission on continuous bases, 24/7. 
     Knowing harmful effects of radiation generated by cell phone use, we can only imagine the effect of Smart Meter radiation which could be 160 times stronger than a cell phone's radiation.
Indoor and outdoor protection
against Smart Meter's 
EMF radiation.
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     Keeping in mind that a Smart Meter can generate 160 times more radiation than a cell phone and that we could be exposed to it for extended periods of time; we should take all the available precautions to avoid even brief exposure to a Smart Meter's radiation. 
​    Our Shields offer a practical means to protect against this potentially deadly pollutant. Our product completely encloses the glass dome of your electric Smart Meter and provides protection for the area located in front and on the sides of the meter. 
            The shielding material we use is manufactured and tested to the US military's MIL-STD 285 specification.               It has an extremely low resistivity of less than 0.03 Ohm/m² what ensures the best possible shielding properties. 
     This nickel coated copper material is also corrosion-proof allowing our shields to be exposed to rain and snow without any degradation of their effectiveness.  
     Radiation emanating from the back of the meter, toward the interior of your home, is already attenuated by the metal back of the circuit breaker's box, wall thickness and directional action of the transmitter. By directional action we mean that Smart Meter  sends data/radiation to the outside of the house, through the glass dome. This residual radiation toward the inside of your home can be easily contained using our shielding material. 
    Please find our range of products offered below.  

   The Shield is not a magic crystal, miracle band or other psycho-therapeutic gimmick. The process we apply crafting our shields is similar to the technology employed by the military to protect personnel from intense radiation generated by radar and other high frequency equipment.
Our Shield is made out of nickel coated copper mesh which attenuates the unnecessarily high radiation generated by your meter's transmitter. 
    Shield installation does not impede operation of the meter.  With the Shield applied, your meter will still have enough power to effectively communicate with the utility company's network.
     Our 90 days money back warranty gives enough time to test the communication. In unlikely case the provider can't read the meter, or for any other reason; you can return the shield. We will pay for shipping. 

​    This is the only shield on the market that fully encloses your meter's glass dome. Other "shields" have an open face or cut out on the face part of the shield which only channel/intensify the radiation generated by the meter's transmitter. You can compare the effect of the cut out to the effect of puncture in the water hose. We would not advise to congregate in front of those openings. Looking into the meter through a cut out could damage your eyesight. 
    Others claim that their shields block 100% of radiation. If that is the case, you have to ask yourself, how would your utilities company be able to read data transmitted by the meter? You would be asked to remove this type of shield.

    Our shields are applicable to all sizes of electric Smart Meters. They are easy to install. In the package we include size adjusting inserts and a Velcro tension strap. Each shield comes with a certificate of the level of attenuation in units of decibels (more than 40dB) and percentage of radiation blocked (more than 99.95%).  
​  RF
The Shield as a thoughtful gift.
 Shielding fabric attached to the frame
35" x 23"  panel attached to the wall 
36" x 24" sheet of shielding material to be used instead of a panel 
Radiation protection inside the house
      As stated before, the radiation emanating from the back of the meter, toward inside of the home, is somewhat attenuated (lowered) by the metal backing of the circuit breaker's panel and wall material. Also, the meter’s transmitter is directional so most of the radiation is directed outside, through the meter's glass dome. 
      According to the Edison Research Institute, radiation inside homes from the back of the meter, on average, is equal to 18% of radiation emanating from front of the meter. Depending on the transmitter's power, composition of wall materials and the thickness of meter's backing, dwellers could still be exposed to radiation significantly higher than the average.
  As a precaution, we recommend placing of shielding panel or shielding fabric on the surface of the inside wall directly opposite from the meter located on the other side of this wall.

    Sleeping areas require special attention. The distortion of Delta brain waves during third and fourth stages of sleep has been associated with lack of good, deep sleep and numerous diseases.
    The German Standard of Building Biology recommends the radiation not to exceed 0.0001mW/m² (0.1microwatts/m²) in bedrooms. 
    This is a very high safety threshold to achieve. If aiming to follow this recommendation, the shielding panel or shielding material should be placed on the bedroom wall if the Smart Meter is located on the outside of that wall. There is also the possibility that a neighbor's meter located close-by could affect the bedroom environment. Many people, as a precaution, place shielding panels behind their bed's headboards. Panels are also popular to shield nursery rooms.

Radiation protection panels and shielding fabric
    Our Radiation Protection Panels block more than 99.95% of radiation. The shielding agent (a nickel coated copper mesh) is encapsulated inside 2 layers of weather proof, semi-rigid foam. Encapsulation ensures the integrity of fragile shielding material. The nickel coated copper mesh is corrosion-proof. Suitable for wet locations.

  The dimensions of our panels (35in by 23in, 1/4in thick) make them easy to be hidden. You can hang framed art over the panel or attached the panel to the back of a framed paintings. The panel can be covered with a poster or be mounted inside standard frame and covered with a poster. Currently we can offer panels in black only. 

  We also offer 36in by 24in sheet of shielding fabric.  
This is the same shielding material we sandwich inside the protective foam sheets to produce our panels. 
  As long as this shielding fabric is not abused by making holes in it, it will protect against radiation the same way the panel would protect. Please see description of the shielding material in the right pane.
  Shielding fabric is a good alternative to more expensive panels.

​ Our devices have been granted "Patent Pending" status 
by the US Patent and Trademark Office.
The Health Effects of Exposure
     Since the late eighties, EMF radiation has been identified as having detrimental effects on human health.
     According to hundreds of studies, EMF radiation is a major culprit in a wide variety of health issues ranging from depression and chronic fatigue syndrome to cancer and miscarriages. Multiple studies show that EMF radiation is a major cause of deaths resulting from breast and brain cancers.
    The connection between EMF exposure and breast cancer is especially alarming since in the US, statistically, 
1 out of 8 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. Particularly, the negating effects of EMF radiation on the therapeutic function of Tamoxifen are very disturbing. Tamoxifen is widely used to treat and prevent breast cancer. It blunts estrogen, which fuels the growth of most tumors.
    Pregnant women should avoid EMF exposure as much as possible as a correlation between radiation exposure in pregnant women and birth defects as well as other childhood diseases has been established in the scientific community. Childhood leukemia is just one of these examples.
    Immuno-compromised people, such as those with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have had organ transplants and now are taking rejection preventing drugs, HIV positive persons and people with autoimmune diseases can be particularly susceptible to the effects of EMF radiation.
   EMF exposure is suspected of accelerating the progression of Alzheimer's disease and other dementia related illnesses.
   There are well established links within the scientific community between the EMF radiation generated by Smart Meters and evidence of human cell damage, DNA chain breaks, breaches in the blood–brain barrier, sperm damage, cancer, miscarriages, birth defects, autoimmune diseases, etc. 
   As recently as May, 2011 the World Health Organization has classified EMF/RF radiation as a possible class 2b carcinogen along with lead, engine fumes and chloroform.  
  Specifically, regarding radiation generated by Smart Meters, the leading government authorities on the subject of industrial pollution, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, strongly opposes the installation of Smart Meters in areas where people are exposed to their radiation. Various municipalities have unsuccessfully tried to ban or at least put moratoriums on the installation of Smart Meters. 

The subject of EMF radiation and its health effects is too broad to be described in a few sentences. 
Please do your own research and weigh the risks of EMF exposure for yourself.
Per MIL-STD 285 specification our shielding fabric is woven from copper plated, polyester threads. Threads are also coated with nickel to prevent corrosion of copper in wet environment. 

The shielding material used in our shields is manufactured and tested 
to the US Military's MIL-STD 285 specification.
For your inspection, each device comes with an official attenuation level data sheet which confirms 
the attenuation of over 99.95% of emitted radiation down to safe level.