The US Radio Frequency Radiation Standards
      The FCC standard for Maximum Allowable Radiation Exposure is purely arbitrary and unrealistically high. Many countries do not permit levels anywhere near the FCC standards.
      For example, where the FCC allows an exposure of 10,000mW/m², Italy limits exposure to 100mW/m² and the Swiss to 42mW/m². 
Less than 0.0001mW/m² of maximum radiation is what the German building code recommends as 
the maximum radiation levels in sleeping areas.

  Where do these discrepancies come from?
   1. The FCC standards take under consideration only the thermal effects of exposure.
In the nutshell, according to the US standards, if the radiation does not increase your body temperature above a temperature level where the heat can be dissipated trough perspiration, there is no danger posed by radiation.

   2. The biological and neurological effects of RF radiation are totally disregarded. It is proven that RF radiation negatively affects our brain and immune systems. In spite of many findings in the last 20 years, the FCC has dragged its feet with ordering the review of those studies.

   3. The standards for public exposure apply only as the time weighted average (TWA) of 30 min. In other words you can be irradiated with 3000 mW for 5 minutes and still average only 500mW of exposure in TWA format.

   4. These short bursts of RF radiation, typical for digital transmission, are not consider harmful per FCC standards. How powerful are these bursts? In the case of Smart Meter radiation, per PG&E testimony, 2500 milliWatts of electrical shock zaps our nervous system many times a second. This pulsating radiation was measured from the distance of about 2 feet from the meter. You have to remember, the closer to the meter the higher the radiation.

   5. The standards are very dated. FCC still employs the 1991 standards, which has been modified only slightly since its implementation, and do not include any studies conducted after 1986.
     One can ask why, despite of all the talk about RF radiation, is the FCC still using standards created 20 years ago, established before the dawn of digital communication?  

        Studying effects of RF exposure is extremely difficult. We are already in the situation where there is no unexposed sample of population. We are all exposed to some degree. In other words, you would not fully know how dangerous smoking is if you compare people smoking 3 packs of cigarettes with people smoking just one pack.
       This predicament let the doubters to question all the statistical evidence of RF radiation on humans. 

     Because of the FCC inaction or, as some suspect, delaying tactics it is up to individuals to ensure that our exposure to RF radiation is as short as possible and radiation is as low as possible.
     Installing the Smart Meter Shield could be a simple, yet effective, step in the right direction.

     Much experimental evidence of radio frequencies radiation influences on living systems has been published in the scientific literature during the last 30 years; relating both to in vitro and in vivo studies.
  Those findings were reviewed by the STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) commission 
of the European Parliament (STOA 2001).
          The following non-thermal biological effects of exposure to Radio Frequency EMFs have been reported:
- Changes in the electrical activity in the human brain,
- Increase in DNA single and double strand breaks from exposure to 2.45 GHz frequency,
- Observation of an increase in resting blood pressure during exposure,
- Increased permeability of the erythrocyte membrane,
- Effects on brain electrochemistry (calcium efflux),
- Increase of chromosome aberrations and micronuclei in human blood lymphocytes,
- Synergistic effects with cancer promoting and certain psychoactive drugs,
- Effects on brain dopamine/opiate electrochemistry,
- Neurogenetic effects and micronuclei formation in peritoneal macrophage.
- Increased lymphoma rates (2 fold) in transgenic mice exposed twice a day exposed to 30 minutes of cell phone (GSM) signals over time,
- Increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier in rats,
- Depression of chicken immune systems,
- Increase in chicken embryo mortality,
- Increases in DNA single and double strand breaks in rat brain,
- Stressful effects in healthy and tumor bearing mice,
- Other effects that are not sufficiently proven.
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          The health concerns of Radio Frequency radiation (RF) was underscored by May 31, 2011 World Health Organization classification of RF as a possible class 2b carcinogen along with lead, engine fumes and chloroform.
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